I Once Loved A Girl / by Richardo Hill

and I messed it up. I messed it up because I didn't try. Beautiful girl. Beautiful smile. Beautiful demeanour. Weird laugh.


I got distracted. I got distracted by so many temporary things that I messed up something that could be been a lifetime of something magical. 

I think about it sometimes. I've come to the conclusion that the worst thing I could've done for her at that point in my life, was to actually be with her.

As much as her scent drove me crazyyyy.
As much as being around her made life seem extra special. 
As much as she made me feel loved and extremely appreciated.

I was way too self indulged to be with someone that wonderful. I would've destroyed her. 

I will never know what would've come  out of it. In fact I may have changed for her. 


But what if I didn't?