I wanna blog more / by Richardo Hill

but I don't really know what I want to blog about. I do realise that I always spell realise as realize and I'm hoping that I would stop after this sentence. Is this a case of England English vs. American English? I think England English should win since English was named after them. Just saying. I don't think I needed to capitalise (also a s instead of z? really? wow) english. I really overthink this grammar thing. Probably because my mother knocked proper grammar in my head since i was a youngling. I cared about spelling too (the difference between too and to are also very important) but autocorrect made me lazy just like calculators made me never do mental math after school. 

Does that mean I've lost brain power? Does all this easy access to answers make us mentally lazy? Should I TRY to use my brain to do these tasks more? Am I not a millionaire now because I could right click millionare and change it to millionaire (who knew there was an "i")? It would be horrible if I had to actually WRITE a paragraph. Someone told me to write my name recently and the pen felt so unnatural in my hand. is this what I have become? Is this the future? AM I DYING!!?!?! 

Well technically I am. What was I going to say in the first paragraph again?

oh yea...

I do realise that once I start writing a blog then the words would just flow, but I find it difficult to start.

wow lol