Wednesday, September 6th 2017 / by Richardo Hill

You can't say you love someone but you constantly do something you know could hurt them. Love is SHOWN by your actions. 

When you ask them to stop doing something to you and they continue to do it, it's clear that what you say is NOT important to them. That's not love.

Don't believe anyone who shows little care but says all the right words. Words are empty. If I say I don't want to hurt you but I slap you everyday.

You'll obviously know that I don't mean what they say. So don't accept the same thing with your emotions. Your face can heal faster.

Sometimes you're putting all the effort even though you "love" each other, like you're always trying to contact them, always asking if they ok, always trying to help, but they just act like you're a normal person. Wake up!

It's one sided.