"I wish I was brave like you to just quit my job and start a career" / by Richardo Hill

You call it brave. I call it ignoring the comfortable for purpose. 

I have been called stupid, lazy, irresponsible, spoiled, immature, etc. by people who complain about waking up every morning. I'm honestly tired of those people. I feel bad for them too. They just fit into a system that they hate and take it out on others. I don't look forward to Friday and I don't hate Mondays. Everyday is the same to me. I woke up this morning at 7:30 WELL rested and wide awake. 

Sometimes I have $20 in my name and no money coming in for a week but I still have my time to learn, to improve, to read about different thing like being a better leader. I work on my weaknesses. They may never become a strength but at least I'm not as weak as I once was in that area. Everyday I learn. Yesterday I learned one simple trick about changing settings in my camera that could make colour correcting easier. A simple 2 minute video could potentially take my videos to a whole nother level. Just like that. (Actually, I can't make the change in my camera so that's depressing,  but my point still stands).

If you're miserable in your job then don't take it out on me. Change your situation. Believe me it's worth it. I'm not a morning person. I started cleaning my room before 10 am. Why? Make myself uncomfortable to improve. I learned more and was force to grow more in my last relationship because relationships aren't comfortable. Discomfort is necessary. I did a shoot practicing with fire and every single shot failed. EVERY SINGLE ONE! We took like 100 shots. But we learned. The discomfort of failure helped us learn. The discomfort of trying again and again after failure helped us learn.

 The best photo of the failed photoshoot

The best photo of the failed photoshoot

Patience is important. I've been doing YouTube for over 2 years and don't even have 1000 subs. "You wasting your time Ricky" Oh? I remember when I use to get 10-20 views per video. Not I get 300-500. That's a significant % increase. The negative mindset is what drives people to failure. They look at it as wasting time. I see progress. I'm patient. I'll wait. I'll save. I'll get better gear. I'll miss out on the $200 fete and buy a tripod. 2 years later I'll make thousands because of that tripod. Meanwhile you'll be chasing the next fete trying to get another high. Don't get me wrong, fun is important but its not everything. 

10 years ago I made the worst YouTube video possible and it got 1000 views. That is HUGE for back then. I wanted fun so I didn't continue. Imagine if i kept going with YouTube. Some of those people are millionaires now. I think about that sometimes. I wonder what would've been if I just followed what I wanted to do. You can continue to say whatever you want about me but I'm done looking back and asking "what if?".