"Ricky is lazy." The Blog Version / by Richardo Hill

I spent all day editing photos and I'm up at midnight editing a video in a way I never edited one before. That video will go up on YouTube and i may make $1-3 for it. Its not going to go viral. I may get a few encouraging words for it. I may get some constructive criticism that could help me improve. 

The thing is, some people are going to hear me say that I'm broke and automatically assume that I'm home doing nothing and I get called lazy by people who sit on the outside and ask me no.questions. All they know is that Ricky doesn't do what everyone else is doing therefore Ricky is lazy and is wasting time. 

One day I'll actually make something out of this YouTube madness. I don't know or care how long it takes. It's going to work.

Just don't act like you believed in me the whole time.


I wrote this last night because I'm getting more and more tired of this. Writing really helps calm me though. 

Anyway, I plan on taking more photos just for the blog so here you go.