I'm done with 2017 / by Richardo Hill

You know when you have your entire future mentally planned out? Not the specifics. I've never been good at specific planning.

Just general planning. You know...




Enough money to not have to care

And then you and your fiance break up and all of a sudden none of those plans matter anymore. 

That's how my 2017 started. 

The worst emotions I have ever felt in my life hit me all at once at the start of this year. Still trying to fully recover. Getting there. 

So I decided to just bury myself in work. Just work work work, play ps4, work, work work. 

And I'm not one to really dwell on bad things that happen in my life, but this is one thing that seems to take forever to get over. 

The year just keeps hitting me with different difficulties over and over and over again. I get it. That's how life works, but I've never been hit this much and this hard in one year and it's just the second month. 

To top it all off, I'm trying to get my work computer to come on but it isn't. I have videos to do for clients. I have all my footage that I took for my vlogs. That's where I edit my vlogs. I have no idea what to do. 


I know it's probably just some minor thing and it would eventually work again. I just feel so frustrated that I had to...write...

It doesn't seem to be helping though.