I have sinned... I think / by Richardo Hill

Lust is a sin.
Lust of the flesh and lust of the eye. 

I know that when people talk about lust they mean something sexual, but this lust that I experiences last night while I was unable to sleep, was... food.

I found a youtube channel that has changed my life forever. It is the most tongue watering thing I have ever seen. I sat there watching this guy cook right by rivers or waterfalls and my soul ached for the food that he made. 

I've only heard him say ONE short sentence in all the videos I have seen. It's all nature sounds and really really sexy looking food. 

let me stop wasting your time with my dry tasteless food... I actually typed food by mistake. I meant to say words. 

Here you go:


So now that you have seen this video, do you think that I sinned for wanting this so bad? cuz... I don't know. I just know that I really really really really really want it. 

Here's another one just because;



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