I've never been good enough. / by Richardo Hill

but I don't care. 

I got kicked out of college twice. I tried so hard. My grades were ok, my attendance was perfect. I didn't get into much trouble. When I finally got in trouble, I got kicked out. That was the first time that I realized that trying doesn't matter. I've been told over and over and over by society, friends, family, everyone that I'm not good enough. 

They may not come right out and say it but they hint at it consistently. 

I worked at a job in which I gave everything. I gave so much that I was almost always frustrated. I quit the job. I told them I would be leaving in a month and a half. One thing went wrong and it wasn't even my fault and I was fired. The letter stated that my work was dis-satisfactory. I had that letter framed. It's now stuck on my mirror so I won't forget.

I always forget. I don't know why I get so comfortable and confident. I don't follow the rules. I make my own path. Why would I forget that and assume for a second that my best is good enough? 

I'm done being naive. 

I'm done trying to be good enough for any of you. I appreciate the effort that I know that I'm making. Just know that when I make it, I'm going Kanye on y'all.